Sydney, Australia’s gateway city and the capital of the state of New South Wales is built around one of the largest, most beautiful harbours in the world and along miles of golden surfing beaches which stretch north and south of the city on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The beaches and harbour play a major role in the cultural and leisure lives of Sydneysiders – yachting, surfing, sailboarding, kite-surfing, swimming, walking, boating and fishing are all popular activities.

Many national parks and protected areas of natural bushland surround the city and the beautiful Blue Mountains are an easy journey on public transport to the west.  Perhaps the most famous of Sydney’s landmarks is the spectacular Sydney Opera House with its graceful ‘sails’. The Opera House is just one of Sydney’s cultural centres, offering opera, ballet, drama and film. The nearby historic ‘Rocks’ area, site of the original European settlement,  is a hub of activity for both local residents and visitors. Always present, and offering a richness that can only develop from 50,000+ years of continuous ownership and custodianship of the land, is the wealth of cultural diversity that indigenous Australian’s contribute to wider Australian society, that visitors to Sydney can explore and experience.

Sydney is a vigorous, cosmopolitan city, a major industrial, business and commercial centre and is endlessly fascinating in its variety and its beauty.

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